Re-imagining Class: Recent Russian Cinema
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Recommended Reading:
Web Resources on Contemporary Russian Cinema


Kinotavr Film Festival The site of the Kinotavr Film Festival is the source for information regarding this major annual event in Sochi

Moscow International Film Festival (available in Russian and English) contains highlights from the 2003 festival: prize winners, program of films, guest spotlights, juror biographies, and organizer information. Prize winners are listed for each previous festival, beginning with the first in 1935.


Lenfilm is a major film studio located in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad).Apart from a brief history of the studio, the site features reviews of new releases in the press and biographical information on actors and directors associated with the studio. The website is in Russian, with the English version under construction.

Mosfilm is one of the major Soviet and Russian film-producing companies. The site provides information and announcements of current Mosfilm productions, projects, and exhibitions from 1999 and on in Russian and English.

STW Studio [Кинокомпания СТВ] provides information regarding the activities of the studio. It is also a repository for publicity, journalistic criticism,and public discussion of all of their feature films from 1993 to the present. The site also features actor and crew biographies and music clips from many films. The main website is in Russian with links to a yet rudimentary English version. No search feature is provided, but one can subscribe to receive periodic news updates.


Our Cinema [Nashe kino] is a database that contains information on Russo-Soviet films and workers within the film industry. Searches can be conducted for specific titles, personnel, description, or year. contains a database, which can be searched by film titles, types of animation (drawn, puppet, CGI), studios, and personnel (directors,scriptwriters, artists, animators, sound technicians, cameramen,composers). It also contains news about events in the animation industry, festivals, etc., as well as a photo archive, interviews, and articles on animation.

Actors of Soviet Cinema [Актеры советского кино] This site contains filmographies and photographs of hundreds of Soviet actors, as well as some actors who began their careers in post-Soviet cinema.  Additionally, one can find interviews and short essays—undated, unfortunately—on the state of Russian and Soviet cinema in the first decade of the twenty-first century.  While the site is no longer updated as of 2009, it is a potential resource for those interested in starting a study of a given Soviet actor.  It may also be of use to those interested in film historiography, archival practices, and the internet, as the photographs and information often come from individual cinephiles' personal collections of film-going ephemera like calendars and postcards.

VseTV This portal presents information about Russian- and, to a lesser extent, Ukrainian-language television.
From the front page one can access the present week's TV listings according to parameters which include the option to select by regional channels, satellite television services or commercial channels. Among the information available via the front page is a comprehensive list of Russian-language television channels, a catalogue of serials and a conspectus of television news.

РУСКИНО - Российское кино, актеры, фильмы, сериалы, новости, статьи, рецензии, интервью, премьеры, фестивали This broad-based web portal brands itself as a "Journal of Russian Cinema." Its rich content targets consumers more than scholars, but offers something for everybody.

KinoKultura contains information about new Russian cinema including a list of new films (2000-present) with brief descriptions of each, critical reviews and articles for select films, a list of films currently in production,and an option to submit electronic film reviews to the site.

ArtMargins: Contemporary Central and Eastern European Visual Culture (Click on "cineview") This scholarly on-line journal is dedicated to contemporary Central and Eastern European visual culture. In addition to original articles published on art and architecture, it also includes interviews, book and film reviews, and "roundtable" discussions. A wide variety of scholars from all over the globe have contributed to Art Margins, notably including Slavoj Žižek and Boris Groys.

Kinoeye: New Perspectives on European Film, Kinoeye Archive for Russia: This website, which began as Andrew James Horton's column in The Electronic New Presence and later in The Central Europe Review,presents film reviews and analytical articles on European film. The editors hope that the semi-global scope of the website (all European cinema) will reveal films as the products of local, national, and regional cultures. includes archives of articles and links arranged by country; the Russian archive provides links to other on-line film journals, resources, and articles about Russian film festivals, directors, and films. consists of two large sections. One is the academic journal Iskusstvo kino, and the other is an archive of interviews and essays devoted to film directors, actors, and other film industry personae; reviews of Russian and foreign films; academic publications on the theory of film; reviews of Russian TV programs and shows; announcements. It is possible to subscribe to the journal on-line.

Kinovedcheskie zapiski is the leading scholarly journal for cinema studies in the Russian Federation, publishing theoretical and historical studies of Russian and world cinema. Interdisciplinary studies are particularly welcomed. Features of the journal's website include tables of contents for current and back issues, brief biographical information on the contributors, a discussion forum, and internet links.

SEANS has resumed publication after a long interruption. Its website provides a description of recent thematic issues as well as information about its 6-volume encyclopedia of recent Russian film.

UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library A comprehensive list of links to Russian film organizations, studios, festivals, databases. Also links to sites on specific films and filmmakers. Run by the University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library.

Encyclopedia of Russian Cinema This electronic database is built upon the 7-volume "New History of Russian Cinema: 1986-2000," but expanded in its coverage to provide the most extensive source of information on the entire history of Russo-Soviet cinema. Its information is indexed by biographical names, names of films, cinema organizations, festivals, and a time-line. The site is run by Seans Publishers of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Institutions and Professional Organizations

The Guild of Film Scholars and Critics has launched its own website with information about its membership, constitution, and annual film (White Elephant) awards. There is also a discussion forum.

Союз кинематографистов Российской Федерации The main site of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. Beyond official documents of the Union, the site is a rich resource with information useful to anyone interested in the current events and future plans of the Russian film industry.

«Киносоюз» Site of the new Union of Cinematographers and Professonal Cinema Organizations of Russia. The site is currently devoted to business and news of the Union itself but includes also announcements and news of festivals and other events.

Gosfilmofond Gosfilmofond is the major State Film Archive of the Russian Federation. The site provides information about the work of the Archive and the services provided to visitors and researchers. The site offers digital access to some of the artifacts of the archive, most notably its collection of film posters. The site is useful to anyone interested in the history of Russian cinema.

ВГИК This is the official website of the State Institute of Cinematography, one of the oldest institutions of higher learning of its kind in the world.

THE RUSSIAN STATE DOCUMENTARY FILM & PHOTO ARCHIVE AT KRASNOGORSK - (RGAKFD) Located in Krasnogorsk-- a suburb of Moscow, is the central depository of newsreel and documentary footage in Russian Federation. Their website features a keyword-searchable electronic catalog of the archive’s holdings.

Moscow Museum of Cinema [Музей кино] continues its work at a new venue as well as on its website. The site provides the ability to search the museum's extensive archival collections and past exhibitions and to keep abreast of current screenings and events.

Services and Tools

Cinemetrics A project of Film Studies scholar Yuri Tsivian, the site provides on-line and downloadable tools for the quantitative structural analysis of films along with examples of the ways in which the resulting data has been used in scholarship.

Отечественное кино от киностудии Мосфильм The Mosfilm Online Cinema makes more than 500 films from Mosfilm Studio’s catalogue (as well as a number of classic Soviet films produced before Mosfilm was organized ) available for free streaming, often with English subtitles.  These films can also be downloaded for a nominal fee.

Portals and other miscellaneous This cinema portal opens onto a wide range of information on domestic and international film events. Alongside standard "orientation" content intended primarily for Moscow movie-goers (reviews, locations, times,etc.), it offers news from the world of film worldwide, analytical articles, interviews, celebrity profiles, and more.

Kultura-Portal serves as a hub for information about national and regional cultural news (theater, film, literature, music, art, etc.) including film news and reviews based on a rating system, information on film festivals, an index of directors and up and coming actors and links to Russian film schools (click on "КиноКартина").

kinoteatr dokumental'nogo fil'ma Dm. Zavil'gel'skogo: Filmdoc began as the personal website of documentary film director Dmitrii Zavil'gel'skii. The site provides filmmakers the opportunity to screen their films online, currently hosting forty-five streaming documentaries. It also allows registered users to discuss each film. It also features articles by filmmakers and the site’s creators, as well as related photo galleries. Filmmakers can contact Zavil'gel'skii if they would like their films hosted on the site. Filmdoc also lists numerous links to the websites of documentary film festivals, guilds, film departments, as well as other websites dedicated to Russo-Soviet documentary film.