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Russian Film Symposium 2004

Program Four: NTV-Profit Film Company

Thu May 6 Fri May 7
10am Nikolai Lebedev: The Admirer, 1999. Intro by Aleksandr Prokhorov. 10am Denis Evstigneev: Let's Make Love, 2001. Intro by Michelle Kuhn.
2pm Egor Mikhalkov-Konchalovskii: The Recluse, 2000. Intro by Elena Prokhorova.

2pm Yevgeny Gindilis on NTV-Profit Film Company/Angel Films

2.30pm Aleksandr Proshkin: The Captain's Daughter, 2000. Intro by Susan Larsen.

Screenings take place at 106 David Lawrence Hall

NTV-Profit was established on 16 October 1995 as a jointcompany uniting Vladimir Gusinskii's independently owned NTV Television Companyand Igor' Tolstunov's film production company Profit, which he had founded in1995. Tolstunov is still the General Director of NTV-Profit Film Company.

Tolstunov graduated from the Economics Department of theState Institute for Filmmaking (VGIK) in 1978. In the early 1980s he workedwith director Sergei Gerasimov at Gor'kii Film Studio; between 1985 and 1985 hewas involved with the production of several television serials, including Peterthe Great and TASS is Authorized to Announce. Together withdirectors Valerii Todorovskii and Sergei Livnev, he created Studio TTL in 1990and became the studio's executive director in 1991. Tolstunov produced thefollowing films while with TTL: Love (Valerii Todorovskii, 1991), Kiks(Sergei Livnev, 1991), Dreams of an Idiot (Vasilii Pichul, 1993), and MidnightsNear Moscow (Valerii Todorovskii, 1994). After Studio TTL collapsed in1994, Tolstunov established the production company Profit.

In 1998, even after Gusinskii was forced to give upcontrol of his media empire (Media Most) and to flee the Russian Federation,NTV-Profit continued to be one of the subsidiaries of Media Most HoldingCompany. Other subsidiaries include NTV-Kino (production of television filmsand serials), Kino Most (creation of a network of movie theaters and a filmstudio), Most-Cinematograph (film distribution), and Most-Video (videodistribution).

NTV-Profit specializes in film production. It is an independentmotion picture studio with the country's largest number of films in productionat any moment. Between 1995 and 2000 the studio produced 17 full-length featurefilms and one television serial.

Since 2002 Tolstunov has been the Deputy General Director ofSTS television channel, where he has served as the executive producer for twotelevision serials based on novels by Dar'ia Dontsovskaia: EvlampiiaRomanova: The Investigation is Conducted By a Dilettante (2003) and DashaVasil'eva: A Fan of Private Investigations (2003). He has also producedseveral films for Angel Films Production Studio: Let's Make Love (DenisEvstigneev, 2002), Summer Rain (Aleksandr Atanesian, 2002), and LittleLord Fauntleroy (Ivan Popov, 2003). Tolstunov is currently producing Pavel Chukhrai'slatest film, A Driver for Vera, as well as several other films andtelevision serials.

Films and television serials produced by NTV-Profit:

2004: Prophets and GainsDebut Films at Pittsburgh FilmmakersSTW [СТВ] Film CompanyPygmalion ProductionsNTV-Profit Film Company