Dulled Edges: Parad Planet and the Necrotic Subject of Late Soviet Culture

José Alaniz, University of California, Berkeley

Though not strictly a Necrorealist or Sokurovian text a la The Second Circle, Abdrashitov and Mindadze's Parad Planet shares with those other works a set of characters marked by their dulled and apathetic regard to life, who wander through surrealistic spaces in stark confusion and embody the socio-political representation of late Soviet culture as a kind of "living death." This paper sketches the psycho-stylistic intersections between Parad Planet, Necrorealism (as exhibited in Knights of Heaven) and Sokurov's film, through an examination of the Soviet "necrodenizen." We will in the process consider how the means by which the Protean symbol of death is employed for artistic and political motives.